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VIDEO: Two-faced snake was crawling inside the house, the woman screamed after seeing it. america – World

VIDEO: Two-faced snake crawling inside the house, the woman screamed as soon as she saw it

Photo hundred Facebook (Jeannie Wilson)

A two-faced snake was found inside a house in North Carolina, USA. When a member of the house saw the snake, it screamed. A video of this incident is rapidly becoming viral on the Internet.

North Carolina. Thousands of species of snakes are found all over the world. Some of these snakes are very poisonous and some have not found poison inside. Apart from this, some snakes are of rare type which are not found everywhere. One of these is a two-faced snake. Which is considered extremely rare. One such snake was found in the home of a woman living in North Carolina, USA. Seeing this snake, the woman got very nervous and started screaming loudly. According to media reports, a woman named Jeanie Wilson was in her Alexander County home.

At the same time, suddenly he saw the snake crawling here and there, which had two heads. Seeing the two-headed snake in her house, the woman screamed. When the woman saw this snake, it was crawling under the table. After that the woman immediately informed her family about it. A video of this incident is fast becoming viral on the Internet.

The woman may have been frightened and screamed at seeing the two-faced snake, but she did not try to kill the snake nor did she intend to do anything to the snake. So the woman, along with other members of her family, somehow got the courage and caught the snake and then put it inside a jar. The video of this incident has been shared on Facebook, which is becoming increasingly viral. While sharing this video, the caption is written- Does anyone know of a place where double-trouble can live well.

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Please tell that because the snake has two heads, the woman has named this snake double-trouble. After rescuing the snake, he has been handed over to a science center, where he has been identified as Black Rat Snake. It is being told that this is a baby black rate snack which is only four months old. Significantly, out of every one lakh snakes, one snake is a two-headed snake, so it is considered extremely rare.

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