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Video: this is how car oil looks at temperatures of -30ºC

Surely you will remember these people from other episodes how the crankcase and the rocker cover of your engine look like. And it is that this time the Russian youtubers have decided to show what car oil looks like when it reaches temperatures of -30ºC, an event worthy of admiration and that should not be strange in places like Russia, where it is normal to reach very cold temperatures.

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Logically, this fact cannot be appreciated taking into account that the crankcase does not allow a glimpse of what is happening inside. To do this, the people of Garage 54 have repeated the play: make a transparent crankcase which has been installed in its quintessential guinea pig, a Lada.

Video: this is what happens when the oil is exposed to -30ºC

As expected, the oil in the end acts like any other liquid subjected to extremely low temperatures, which tends to freeze and become solid. If this happens, it is very likely that your car will not start because the oil is unable to rise through the ducts to reach the engine and fulfill its function.

We can see the same thing in the video, that, when trying to start the Lada, we can see how it costs him and quite a lot taking into account that even the oil on the dipstick is solidified. The solution has been to pour some oil directly into the engine itself to make it start.

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It is true that there are a number of solutions to avoid these problems, starting with storing the car in a closed place where the atrocious cold of Russia does not wreak havoc. Another option is to get some type of heater for the engine that prevents it from reaching too low temperatures, something that we understand that in countries with such weather it is difficult.

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