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On video was recorded the moment when the owner of a cell phone store the Shooting to a subject who had finished it Steal.

The thief received the bullet holes in the back, as he got ready to run away of the place.

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The situation

The event occurred in the city of Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, last Wednesday March 31st.

The raider entered the premises, exchanged a couple of words with him owner and proceeded to draw a firearm.

Then, threatened the merchant and took a cell that he had in his hands. Then he continued registering the store, looking for more objects to take away.

Once he had the desired loot in his hands, the man prepared to flee the premises, but he was confident. At that time, the owner drew his gun and shot three times, hitting the thief twice.

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According to the Brazilian media ‘G1’, the offender, 29, was transferred to a hospital to be Underwent surgery of urgency.

He is currently in police custody. its accomplice, who was waiting for him on a motorcycle and fled when he heard the shots, was also captured.

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The authorities also reported that the weapon the owner of the premises was legal.


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