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Video: the spicy cross between María Julia Oliván and Nicolás Trotta due to school attendance

The journalist Maria Julia Oliván and the Minister of Education Nicolas Trotta staged a spicy clash today during PM, the program that is broadcast by LN+ and Oliván drives.

Trotta said that, in 2021, “the presence must once again be the organizer of the educational system, putting in value the difficult learnings that we had in 2020 “.

In addition, he assured that the priority is “to maximize presence.” “The presence has to be taken care of, with students who have face-to-face classes every week in a careful way,” he said.

In this context, Oliván said: “You put Germany as an example, but it is not the same to lose face because the cases grew for a month than for a year. Why can teachers decide whether or not they take the risk by holding millions of boys hostage in Argentina? How far are you going to leave them? “

Uncomfortable, Trotta replied: “The teachers had a huge work commitment in 2020, what there was not was presence.”

Entocnes Oliván retorted: “Boys need presence. The country needs teachers to return to the classroom, who has the power? It’s crazy that teachers can decide not to teach. “

Before what Trotta recognized: “The educational system needs presence.”

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