Honda is one of the brands that has made the strongest commitment to electrification. The Japanese manufacturer announced that in 2025, all its vehicles would be electrified in Europe, with 2030 being the date on which that proposal would become a reality worldwide. One of the great movements has been the car of this video test, the Honda e.

It is an excellent example of good and successful design and the integration of technology in a vehicle. You just have to take a look at its retro image, the exterior mirrors, which are cameras, or the six screens inside. These pair with excellent materials and fits.

PRUEBA: Honda and Advance 2020 154 HP

This 3,895 mm long, 1,750 mm wide and 1,510 mm high electric car is available with two powers: 136 and 154 CV. What does not change is the autonomy, which is 222 kilometers -10 kilometers less if it equips the large tires-.

The Honda e is available with the base finish (136 hp) from 34,800 euros and with the superior, Advance (154 hp), with a starting price of 37,390 euros.

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