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VIDEO: Soyacitysv’s ‘El gordo’ captures the moment in which migrants struggle to cross the border wall between Mexico and the United States

“My heart broke, (this is) the wall that divides thousands of people from their loved ones” wrote the famous Salvadoran when he saw how the migrants desperately sought to cross into the United States.

Soyacitysv’s ‘El gordo’ went to enjoy the typical and exquisite foods of Mexico, specifically to Tijuana, one of the most populated cities in that country.

The famous Salvadoran has shared with his more than 330 thousand followers how much fun he is having in the country of the charros. But that has not been all, since he has also tasted endless typical dishes and, of course, the famous tacos that cannot be missed when visiting that country.

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“I don’t know if Tijuana’s pot coffee is in all of Mexico, but it is quite sweet and these nachos are all spicy,” said the Salvadoran in a video, while he was seen enjoying Mexican food.

In addition, in another of his videos, he showed the historic and colorful streets of Tijuana through which he took his tour with his friends who accompany him.

However, there was something that made the famous Salvadoran nostalgic, as he was surprised to see how migrants struggle to cross the high and dangerous border wall between Mexico and the United States. This situation made the “fat man” emotional, who in the videos wrote “every day” along with an emoji of a broken heart, referring to the reality that migrants live daily to reach the United States.

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In the video captured by the Salvadoran, it is clearly seen how a group of migrants are climbing the wall to be able to cross into the country “of the American dream.”

“They’re digging a hole in the border to cross at night,” says one of his friends, pointing at the group of people. “Look they want to cross”, “they are getting on” say his other friends.

Finally, in one of his publications, he expressed his feelings towards all those people who daily cross the wall of the United States: “Today my heart broke, for many a tourist attraction, the beginning or the end of Latin America; for others the beginning or the end of their dreams, the wall that divides thousands of people from their loved ones! In my case, 20 years of not seeing my father — and you will see, tell your story. “

The famous Salvadoran managed to capture the moment where migrants struggle to climb the border wall. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image and

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