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Video: Kun Agüero’s reaction to the penalty given by Vigliano to Racing

This Saturday night a new edition of the always exciting Avellaneda Classic was held. On this occasion, said clash between Racing Club and Independiente was played at the Academy stadium, under the orbit of the ninth date of the Professional League Cup. And, from the football point of view, the truth is that he disappointed everyone.

Neither those of Juan Antonio Pizzi nor those of Julio César Falcioni displayed an interesting football flight. In fact, the match was characterized by the lack of emotions and by the disapproving reactions of all the spectators on social networks. But, in the last action of the same, a play unleashed the controversy and upset everyone.

Is that the youthful forward of Racing, Iván Maggi, dropped into Independiente’s area and Mauro Vigliano sanctioned an absolutely unusual penalty, provoking the fury of the entire Red delegation. Later, Enzo Copetti took charge of the maximum penalty, executed it with great confidence and gave the local 1-0 that would later be final.

In that context, this Sunday, Sergio Agüero was consulted about the aforementioned penalty in favor of Racing. That’s when the striker emerged from the lower divisions of Independiente indicated that he did not see it but that he did notice the reactions of the people. “Better not say anything”, were his words, which at the same time said a lot.

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