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Video: KO of the year? How Usman destroyed Masvidal at UFC 261

A second of shock. One lethal right hand. The Nigerian Kamaru Usman paralyzed the whole world when knocked out to the american Jorge Masvidal in the stellar event of UFC 261. Both fighters were vying for the welterweight championship title in Jacksonville, Florida. It was the most anticipated fight of the year and it did not disappoint.

‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ executed to perfection: first he pushed Masvidal’s protection away with his left hand, and then he completed the 1-2 with a right hand that entered unopposed to the jaw of his rival. Then he complied with the procedure while Masvidal was on the ground. There was nothing to do.

The lights came on to make Usman, who now holds a 19-1 record, still shine. He successfully defended the welterweight title for the fourth time, adding his eighteenth straight victory. He has not lost since May 24, 2013, when he did not belong to the UFC.

Usman left commentators speechless

The reaction at the commentary table is pure magic. It is living proof of the most amazing show at its finest. Once Usman hit the right hand, the madness reaction manifested. It was the icing on the cake to a phenomenal evening that featured three title defenses, and which in turn meant a mass return of the public to the events organized by Dana White.

UFC 261 will be remembered as the first sold-out event in the United States at the largest post / pandemic mixed martial arts company, for the impressive knockouts we witnessed and of course, for the hilarious reactions from the commentators, who are fundamental part of the show.

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