Campuzano has become a fixture in Boca Juniors.

Campuzano has become a fixture in Boca Juniors.

A scare lived the player Jorman Campuzano when he was heading to training Boca Juniors this Thursday. He had an accident with his vehicle that forced him to miss practice with Miguel Ángel Russo to overcome the state of panic.

The front-line steering wheel crashed his car into another on Avenida Libertador and Callao, in the capital of Argentina. Witnesses claimed that the other driver is a police officer and suffered multiple injuries after the impact.

Fortunately, the 24-year-old Colombian player did not suffer injuries or other symptoms that would force him to have to be transferred to a medical center. Contrary to the other affected, who did have to be assisted in a nearby hospital.

Boca Juniors will play this Saturday against Defensa y Justicia in La Bombonera, for the eighth day of Group B of the Argentine league championship. For the xeneizes it will be a key duel because they are sixth in their division and only four qualify.

Defense is fourth with 11 units, one more than the blue and gold.

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