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Video: climbs on the roof of a Tesla Model 3 to protest a brake failure

The Shanghai Auto Show has become the center of motoring today, but also the perfect setting for some customers to show their opinion on certain brands. And it is that instead of going to the after-sales service they have dropped by the event like the woman who stars in this video: it is the owner of a Tesla Model 3 who climbed on the roof of one to protest the brakes.

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The user approached the Tesla stand and got on the aforementioned model with a T-shirt that could be read in Chinese: “Brake Lost Control.” Or what is the same: “Lost brake control.” The brand tried to persuade her to come down and, failing to do so, asked security guards for help. They tried to hide their protest with umbrellas, but she managed to get away while shouting: “Tesla’s brake lost control.”

The protagonist of the scene claimed that the braking system of her Tesla Model 3 (test) failed and four members of his family almost lost their lives in a accident. However, the Californian brand explained that the car data showed that both the brakes and the driver assistance worked correctly during the accident and that the speed before braking was around 120 km / h.

It’s not the first time

After they managed to lower her off the roof of the car and escort her to the exit, Tesla stated on Bloomberg that the woman “is known to have repeatedly protested against the Tesla brake problem. ” Not surprisingly, before reaching the area where the brand was exposed, he did a live broadcast on the subject.

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Elon Musk’s brand added that they place special emphasis on consumer rights and that, in previous negotiations, offered the owner of the Tesla Model 3 several solutions although she insisted on returning the car. They even proposed that a third party review the vehicle, but, according to the manufacturer, the woman refused.

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