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Video and photos: waterspout, floods and destruction in Pinamar

The Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires and the Interior of the province of Buenos Aires they saw affected by strong storms, which caused flooding and even roof blasting by intense gusts of wind. In Pinamar unleashed a waterspout.

On the beaches of the Coast you could see a wind vortex similar to a tornado, but that is a waterspout. The wind generated several damage in Pinamar.

He National Weather Service issued a red alert for districts of San Cayetano, Lobería, Adolfo Gonzáles Chaves, Coronel Dorrego, Tres Arroyos and Necochea, as well as an orange one for Ayacucho, Mar Chiquita, General Guido, General Madariaga, General Pueyrredón, Maipú and Balcarce.

As a consequence of the storm front that advanced on the Atlantic Coast, in Villa Gesell They registered 87mm water for what they were flooded streets, so local firefighters urged the population not to leave their homes.

The same happened in Pinamar, where several shocking images of the destruction caused by the impressive storm. But what attracted the most attention were the videos of a trumpet that was unleashed, a phenomenon similar to tornadoes but that dissipates when touching the ground.

Pinamar 20210106
A strong storm hit the entire Atlantic Coast.

“As a result of the strong storms that occurred over Pinamar In the last hours we are working in all the neighborhoods: we know that there are flooded streets, fallen trees and rain that cannot cope, “said the mayor Martin Yeza and Twitter.

“All the teams are on the street working: urban guard, civil defense, social development, urban services and security secretariat. We ask everyone to do not hesitate to call 103 or via. Eyes on alert to make claims and complaints that correspond, “he added.

Pinamar 20210106
Strong gusts of wind knocked down trees that fell on some vehicles.
Pinamar 20210106
Floods and destruction in Pinamar due to the storm.

Also the party of Dolores was affected by heavy rain and gusts of wind, that even blew tin roofs of some houses.

The strong storms that started yesterday afternoon and continued into the early hours of today, affected municipalities such as Dolores, where he falling water reached about 350 millimeters on averagemunicipal spokesmen reported.

“Between 70 and 80 neighbors had to be evacuated and received assistance from the municipality in the gym of the club Ever Ready, located in San Martín 364, a few meters from the municipal palace, “he told the agency Telam, Eduardo Vignolo, press director of the Municipality of Dolores.

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