It may be spring in many parts of the world right now, but Victoria Beckham already has the mind in the summer days and so he let it be known in his most recent post on Instagram. A video in which we see the designer modeling one of the dresses from her Spring / Summer 2021 collection, a maxi-dress with a wide silhouette, flowing fabric with multiple spaghetti straps that form a sort of sexier halter neck, with leopard print and black lace panels.

‘This is the perfect summer dress’ Beckham sells us in the video in which we see her moving in front of a mirror to appreciate how she moves, how she falls and, ultimately, how she dresses. ‘It’s light, it’s easy’, that’s how the English designer finishes describing it. And, indeed, it is because it is about those garments that you can use without many complications, without thinking too much about how to combine it and that looks good in all types of silhouette, without forgetting that crucial detail that adds many points when considering a model, the pockets, either to hide your hands when you don’t know what to do with them or to give them their primary use, to be able to store in them what needs to be kept.

View the Instagram photo.

A dress that also has a particularity -well calculated, surely, to make the figure of whoever wears it -Scary Spice, Posh Spice or whoever – look longer and therefore more stylized and taller. These are the black lace panels strategically placed at the waist in the shape of an inverted V, whose diagonals -which also follows the pattern of the print- will help with these tasks, stylize the torso and lengthen the fall of the skirt and with that the figure. .

We seldom get the chance to see Victoria Beckham in such a baggy dress, her style has us accustomed to midi pencil skirts, strict high-heeled boots and perfectly stylized blouses. The pandemic effect may also have had an influence on the beckham aesthetic also who now bets on elegance in the comfortable and sexy of the easy, even in herself and not only on the catwalk.

If the flowers are for spring, the animal print and lace will be for summer, with which we can predict that it will be a very sensual one if you go on a trip or prefer to spend it sheltered at home. The important thing is to face the heat with the best style and what better than with a maxi dress inspired by Scary Spice with the touch – and the approval – of the eternal queen of the Posh.

See the video on YouTube.

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