Veto against corona package in USA: Biden calls Trump irresponsible

Dhe elected American President Joe Biden has urged incumbent Donald Trump to sign the corona stimulus package that was passed by Congress with bipartisan approval. The Republican’s refusal is irresponsible and will have “devastating consequences,” said Democrat Biden on Saturday. If Trump does not immediately sign the package of laws, about ten million Americans would lose their unemployment benefits, Biden said.

The economic stimulus package of around $ 900 billion (about 730 billion euros) provides, among other things, the payment of higher unemployment benefits by March. In addition, most citizens should receive a one-time aid payment of 600 dollars.

However, Trump is calling, among other things, to increase the payment to $ 2,000 per capita, which is why he has indicated that he could veto the legislative package. “Republicans must stop playing games while Americans are starving,” said Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren on Twitter.

Despite the expiry of the corona aid, Trump formally has until the beginning of January to put the law into force with his signature or to use his veto. With the stimulus package, however, part of the federal government’s budget was also passed. A law on the interim financing of the business will expire on Monday. If Trump does not sign the legislative package by then, the government would have to suspend its business first, a so-called shutdown would result.

“In just a few days, the government’s funding will run out, putting vital services and salaries for the military at risk,” warned Biden. From his inauguration on January 20, Biden also wants to campaign for another stimulus package to contain the pandemic and stimulate the economy.

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