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Veteran wrestlers headline a wide card at Wrestlemania 37

The two-day card for Wrestlemania 37 will feature multiple veterans with experience on the “Stage of the Immortals,” but will also see the debuts of several of WWE’s rising stars.

The appointment with Wrestlemania 37 is just around the corner and, although this year we will not see legends like The Undertaker, Triple H O John Cena, the event will feature names of favorite classics such as Edge Y Randy Orton, as with young talents looking to write their name on ‘The Showcase of the Immortals‘. However, in the current card, few gladiators stand out who boast a positive mark in the maximum event, since only four elements maintain an effectiveness greater than 50 percent.

Edge, winner of Royal Rumble 2021, leads the veterans with a 7-4 record, a product of his legendary tag team matches with Christian from the year 2000 and his solo appearances. His most recent victory was presented in the 36th edition of Wrestlemania, which framed his return to the strings of the maximum party.

Next on the list is Seth Rollins, who comes to his combat with Cesaro with a 5-2 record. ‘The Architect‘debuted alongside’The Shield’ on Wrestlemania 29 with a team victory over Randy Orton, Sheamus and the ‘Big Show‘, undefeated that he preserved until his fight of the 31st edition when he fell hand-in-hand against his own’Legend Killer’.

His former partner in ‘The Shield‘and current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, is another element that hardly accounts for setbacks in Wrestlemania, because it only fell with Brock Lesnar in installment 34 and earlier in issue 31 when the main event became ‘Threefold threat‘for the championship. Currently, he has five wins in the maximum event of the WWE.

By last, Daniel Bryan He is another gladiator with a positive record on the card, boasting a 5-3 record with two consecutive losses in his most recent appearances. It should be remembered that a few years ago he was forced to retire from wrestling due to a neck injury. In the same way, the ‘American Dragon‘will once again headline a main event of the evening for the second time in a span of three years.

In contrast, there are several elements that will live their first experience in the ‘Concert Show‘, including the winner of the Royal Rumble, Bianca Belair, who will contest the women’s championship of SmackDown in view of Sasha Banks, with this fight being the central event of the first night. Likewise, the Puerto Rican Damian Priest will team up with his compatriot, the singer Bad Bunny, to be measured at ‘The Miz‘ Y John Morrison in a fight of couples. Finally, Matt Riddle Y Omos are other names that will be part of different combats in the Raymond James Stadium, home of the current champions of the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from NFL.

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