Alexander Serov recently celebrated his 67th birthday. The artist used to be a conqueror of women’s hearts. Now, almost every year, either mistresses or supposedly illegitimate children of the singer were announced. However, gymnast Elena Stebeneva was his great love. They have been together for almost 20 years. They have a daughter, Michelle, who managed to get married and became a mother this year. She shared the good news in the program “Hello Andrey!”

Michelle noted that the artist has been a grandfather for five months. The baby was named Mia. According to the singer, this is a Norwegian name.

“Very superstitious. I observe such a picture, we bathe the child. We have a pool and a children’s pool. Every evening we bathe the child there. Large such windows in the house. Dad walks up, it’s dark. We tell him: “What are you standing there, come in.” And he: “No, it’s too early. Bad sign. I am a modern person. I will not hold it yet ”, – shared the heiress of the star.

“You can’t touch it for up to six months. Well, not only superstitions and omens, now we still have a quarantine. I just insure myself. Plus I’m superstitious. There is no need to touch the child until six months, but I look with gusto, ”Serov explained his position.

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The presenter Andrey Malakhov asked if her grandmother saw the baby. It turned out that he sees, but not often. Moreover, the singer admitted that even the birth of a granddaughter did not make their relationship warm with the ex-wife.

“The point has been set firmly. Lena was beautiful, amazing. How could you not fall in love with her. She was just a model, ”said Alexander.

The artist saw his father once in his life. He also knows his brother, but does not maintain a relationship with him.

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