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Verstappen’s father highlights what Max does with an F1 when comparing him with Checo Pérez

Jos Verstappen suggests his son would be even better than Hamilton in the same car

The father of Max Verstappen and former Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen did not skimp on praise for their son, who is currently 14 points behind world drivers’ championship leader Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen has achieved a pole and a victory after four rounds of the 2021 F1 season. There is a feeling that this year Mercedes and Hamilton will have more difficult to endorse the crowns due to the level of ‘Mad Max’, at least that is how it is for Verstappen Sr.

“Look at his teammates. Gasly, Albon and now Perez, they’re not pancakes. But somehow Max is doing something exceptional. At Red Bull they also see how good it is. Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but Max makes the car look better than it really is “, Jos emphasized for the Dutch newspaper, The Telegraph.

“If you put Max and Lewis in the same car, there is no question in my mind who is better. But we hope Red Bull will give him the material to really prove it.”

Little by little Mercedes has regained the advantage and his car has dominated the last two races, and Hamilton has used his vast resources and skills to carry out the organization’s race plan. Verstappen worries that German cars will add to that lead in the remaining season.

“Yes, I have that fear. After the preseason tests and also after the first race weekend in Bahrain, it seemed that Red Bull had a very good car compared to Mercedes. But they quickly turned things around.”

“Also don’t forget that last year they were superior. There have been some aerodynamic changes, but overall that Mercedes is still a very good car. You can see that they have a lot less tire wear at the moment. And I also think Max has. to drive more to the limit. Just to keep up with them. He’s asking a lot more of the tires for that. “

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