At the end of last year, Ivanov and Lanskaya (this is the actress’s pseudonym, she was Zaitseva from birth) bought a spacious apartment in the same house with Valeria’s mother, the famous figure skating choreographer Elena Maslennikova.

“For us, the last year, which turned out to be terrible for many people, was happy,” said the actress, who is now participating in the “Just the same” transformation show. – We have moved to a new apartment and enjoy life.

But in 2011 she was the fiancee of producer and director Anton Kalyuzhny. He proposed to her on the seashore, followed by both flew to Blagoveshchensk for the festival “Amur Autumn”. They did not hide their engagement. But it didn’t come to the wedding. Lanskaya again became a free girl, and Anton, as a result of an accident, became an invalid. On the set of a documentary in France, Kalyuzhny, who loves extreme sports, landed unsuccessfully on a parachute that did not fully open, lay in a coma for three days and underwent rehabilitation for many months.

Before a serious relationship with Anton, Lanskaya had love with actor Andrei Alexandrin, with whom she sang in a musical. Then on the TV show “Ice Age” she had an affair with producer and coach Ilya Averbukh.

In the multi-episode series of the current husband “The End of Innocence” Valeria plays for the time being a happy wife and mother.

– This story is primarily about relationships, – says the actress. – In the center of it is a triangle: two men who are spinning around my heroine. This is her husband and his brother. In addition, this is a story about a mother’s relationship with a child.


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