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Valencia supports Diakhaby and demonstrates against racism

The Spanish club published an image showing its support for the French defender, who denounced insults from a Cádiz player

All estates of Valencia posed this Monday morning before training after the defender Mouctar Diakhaby to support you after you have reported a racist insult from the player of the Cádiz, Juan Cala, during the clash played on Sunday at the Ramón de Carranza.

After the player’s complaint to the match referee, Javi Gracia’s team withdrew from the pitch in solidarity with their teammate, although they finally resumed the game.

The club released a photo on Monday in which you can see Diakhaby in the first term in the field Antonio Puchades de Paterna, in second to the president of the club Anil Murthy and the coach Javi Gracia and behind them the rest of the squad.

All except Diakhaby They stand with their arms and hands outstretched, as a symbol of their commitment against racism. “Yesterday, today, tomorrow and always: stop racism,” says the entity in a tweet in which it insists on its full support for the French central and also on its request for clarification of what happened.

“We will fight until the end to clarify what happened, defend our player and eradicate racism,” said the club.

Diakhaby he commented to the referee of the match against him Cádiz, the Catalan David Medié Jiménez, who Cala called him “black of m[…]”, reason that caused the interruption of the game for 24 minutes due to the withdrawal of the Mestalla box.

As reflected in the referee report, the referee explains that in the 29th minute he interrupted the match “due to a confrontation between players from both teams.” “Player No. 12 of the Valencia C.F. Mouctar Diakhaby, once reprimanded for arguing with an opponent, He tells me verbatim: “He called me a black man[…]“in reference to player No. 16 of the Cádiz C.F., Juan Torres Ruiz placeholder image“, it indicates.

Medié Jiménez assures in the document that “this fact was not perceived by any member of the refereeing team” and that “after a few moments, the Valencia C.F. decides to leave the field of play. For this reason the match is temporarily suspended. Both teams go into their respective changing rooms. “

“After a few minutes of suspension, the delegate of the Valencia C.F., David Rangel Pastor, in the presence of the delegate of the Cádiz C.F., Antonio Navarrete Reyes, informs us that they decide to substitute player No. 12 Mouctar Diakhaby and continue with the game. In addition, it was agreed to give a five-minute warm-up for both teams in order to avoid injuries. The game resumed 24 minutes after stopping it, developing normally from that moment on, “says the referee in the minutes.

Gracia affirmed after the 2-1 defeat in Cádiz that, “seeing that there was a sanction option” after the withdrawal of his team from the field in minute 32, after Mouctar Diakhaby assured them that he had received a racist insult, the French player himself asked them to continue “playing”.

“The player was very nervous. We have chosen to go to the locker room and they have informed us that, if we do not return, we will be sanctioned. We have commented to Diakhaby how he was and he told us he was not here to play, but he understood that we should return with the intention of achieving a victory, with one more reason to fight it, “he declared at a press conference.

Gracia explained that, after what happened, they tried “to calm down” the situation and also “to comment on it with the player, and when they saw that there was a sanction option, [el central francés] He asked us to continue playing and we told him that we supported him, “he said.

The coach indicated that the Catalan referee David Medié Jiménez told them that “he had no record of what had happened, he had not heard anything, neither he nor his assistants, and in this situation he was forced to continue the game.”

Diakhaby was changed after the incident, but the central Cádiz, Juan Cala, continued in the field, when the game was resumed, until he was substituted at halftime by the Argentine Marcos Mauro –author of the second goal of the Cádiz-, a circumstance on which Gracia also ruled.

“I have commented to the fourth official that, within what has happened, they understand that we have protected the player who has been attacked, so that no more damage is caused, and we do not understand that the player who has caused that was still on the field” , he asserted.

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