Vaccines against COVID for older adults will be applied in 10 thousand centers: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that when the vaccination plan for older adults begins there will be at least 10,000 application centers throughout the country.

In his morning conference, the president indicated that they guarantee said availability because the places that now function as integrating centers will be occupied, where the support of the Ministry of Welfare is delivered.

López Obrador added that in the vaccination brigades for the elderly, which will begin in January, the health personnel, the Sedena and the servants of the nation will participate.

He recalled that before starting with the group of seniors, all health personnel who work in COVID hospitals will be vaccinated.

According to the president, the vaccines purchased from Pfizer will be enough to protect the nearly 750 thousand health workers who make up the first vaccination group.

The president explained that on January 4, 53,000 more vaccines will arrive in Mexico, which will be distributed between Mexico City and Coahuila.

“… With them we plan to finish vaccinating all health personnel in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Morelos and Hidalgo,” he explained.

Another 436,800 doses of Pfizer will arrive on January 11, which will be distributed to 27 states around the country. On January 18 and 25, the same number of vaccines will be received to apply the second dose to health personnel vaccinated on December 11.

López Obrador said that they anticipate the arrival of the CanSino vaccine during the first weeks of January, which would be used for the elderly.

“CanSino has made the commitment to deliver sufficient quantities to us starting in January, an agreement of 8 million doses was established from January to March (…) so that when we have it available we will begin in January the vaccination of older adults, which is the second priority group ”, he said.

He added that over the months they will continue to receive doses from Pfizer, CanSino and other laboratories.

He added that the third group of vaccination will be people with comorbidities based on their age and the fourth will be made up of teachers who are going to restart face-to-face classes in states with a green traffic light.

On the other hand, President López Obrador made a new call to the medical personnel of states where the pandemic is already under control to support the CDMX COVID hospitals that require it.

The president said that he will not leave the city to celebrate the New Year because he will continue working on the expansion of hospital care in the country’s capital.

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