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Vaccine: EU Commission drums secret crisis talks with manufacturers – domestic policy

Europe does not have enough corona vaccine – and the anger about it is huge! Because according to AstraZeneca there are apparently delivery problems with two other manufacturers.

Now the EU Commission is reacting and drummed up the vaccine manufacturers for the secret crisis summit, as the magazine “Business Insider” reports, citing EU circles.

Two meetings are to take place next week, as an EU spokeswoman confirmed. This involves the entire vaccine process, including suppliers.

The man behind these crisis talks: the French internal market commissioner Thierry Breton (66), who also heads the EU task force for vaccine production.

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton (66), responsible for the task force on vaccine production in the EU

Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton (66), responsible for the task force on vaccine production in the EU Foto: Getty Images

The spokeswoman explained: “Our idea is to bring these groups and companies together in order to accelerate the processes in vaccine production along the entire supply chain – from raw materials to filling.” But she did not name fixed dates.

These pharmaceutical companies have delivery problems

▶ ︎ Only had on Saturday AstraZeneca announces that it will not be able to keep its promised delivery quantities to the EU in the coming weeks. Reason after “Business Insider” information: The production facilities in the EU are not yet fully utilized – unlike those in Great Britain …

▶ ︎ But also with the US manufacturer Johnson&Johnson there are delivery problems in the EU. For the second quarter, the EU Commission expects the delivery of 55 million doses of corona vaccine. Most recently it was unclear whether Johnson & Johnson can keep this delivery promise – also because the USA refuses to export the vaccine doses filled there to the EU.

▶ ︎According to “Business Insider”, the US manufacturer may also have possible delivery problems Novavax the ongoing contractual talks between this and the EU Commission as difficult.

The result is unacceptable to the EU Commission: According to EU circles, Novavax may not be able to deliver until 2022!

But a spokesman did not want to comment on the request from “Business Insider”, referring to the ongoing negotiations.

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