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Vaccination register for covid-19: When will the vaccination session begin for adults over 70 years of age

The Government of Peru, in mid-April, established a new vaccination strategy against COVID-19. Under the name of ‘Pongo el Hombro’, the immunization plan seeks to protect older adults over the 80 years. All of them have been inoculated with the drug from Pfizer and AztraZeneca. Once that sector is completed, the doses will begin to be applied to the elderly of 70 years.

From the ministerial office of the health portfolio (MINSA) it has been announced that From Friday, April 30, the vaccination day against COVID-19 will begin for adults over 70 years of age. The immunization plan will be given throughout May

On Friday, April 30, the vaccination days for those over 70 years begin, that will continue throughout the month of May in Lima. We are already going to regions to vaccinate those over 80, and in some regions we are seeing vaccination of those over 70. We are beginning to deploy the universal territorial vaccination strategy, in such a way that we can achieve the great objective that we have set for ourselves by the end of this semester that all those over 60 years of age or older adults are protected, “said Arturo Granados.

Where can I check my vaccination appointment?

For those people who want to know the place, date and time of immunization against the new coronavirus, they must enter the digital platform ‘Pongo el Hombro’.


  • Enter Pongo el Hombro.
  • Enter the ID number of the elderly person or another document.
  • Click on the I accept the privacy policy.
  • Now, the information about the time and place for the vaccination will appear on the screen.

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