Vaccination problems: NZZ recommends snail as “German heraldic animal”

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“Vaccination speed is shameful” – newspaper recommends the snail as a German heraldic animal

Spahn and RKI boss Wieler assess the current corona situation

The number of corona infections has increased slightly again. Nevertheless, the new corona strategy promises easing. Federal Health Minister Spahn and RKI boss Wieler commented on the current development.

The Swiss newspaper “NZZ” criticizes the German vaccination campaign and speaks of “gloomy lockdown fundamentalism”. The London “Times” also scoffs at the EU delivery stop as a “petty maneuver”. The international press review.

Dhe resolutions of the federal-state summit with a complicated step-by-step plan had caused a lot of criticism in Germany. Now the international press is also joining in. The conservative Swiss newspaper “NZZ” calls the vaccination rate in Germany “shameful”. She speaks of “triple steps” and a gloomy lockdown fundamentalism.

The London “Times” criticizes the delivery stop of corona vaccine from the EU. She calls it a “petty maneuver” to cover up the failures and predicts that the strategy will lead to “retaliation”.

“NZZ”, Switzerland: With triple steps to the end of the pandemic

“Without courage, with little ambition, but a lot of slide rules, the new resolution cemented a now familiar state of emergency. The federal and state governments are approaching the unpredictable end of the pandemic in five stages with triple steps and an extremely complicated opening plan that is strictly linked to the incidence values. Other parameters are left out. (…)

After the resolutions, the Chancellor praised two new “helpers against the virus”: the vaccines and the tests. Health Minister Jens Spahn suggested two free rapid tests by specialist staff per week. Now the stripped-down goal is to enable “all asymptomatic citizens at least once a week” to have such a rapid test from March 8th. Will municipal test centers or “third-party contractors” be able to do this?

The vaccination rate remains shameful. In this respect, the snail is recommended as a new German heraldic animal. The federal and state governments remain in a gloomy lockdown fundamentalism. So they accept that the alienation between society and the state will continue to grow and that the social and economic collateral damage will grow immeasurably. “

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“The Times”; Great Britain: “Petty maneuver”

“It is difficult to see this as anything other than a petty maneuver to cover up the EU’s failures in the crisis. The EU Commission seems to have assumed that the large population in the EU would allow it to buy vaccines in large quantities and therefore on favorable terms. That has proven to be a disastrous strategy.

The goal should have been speed instead of negotiating the price. Public health is a top priority. Vaccine nationalism is counterproductive. The ban on vaccine exports will result in retaliation. The ban on exporting the AstraZeneca vaccine is particularly spicy considering that Italy and France had publicly questioned its effectiveness compared to the Pfizer vaccine for people over 55 years of age. “

“Le Figaro”, France: The EU’s vaccination strategy has failed

“The EU’s ambitious vaccination strategy should ensure cohesion, justice and solidarity – at the best possible price. That failed. After Budapest, it is now Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw and Vienna that have started negotiations on other supply routes with Russia or China – sometimes with both. Austria and Denmark turn to Israel to prepare the next generation of vaccines – without going via Brussels. (…)

With the European approval of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and the (US) American (vaccine from) Johnson & Johnson (…) it will soon no longer be the lack of doses, but the logistics that the governments of the (European) Union will be put to the test. While they are struggling to immunize seven or eight percent of the population, China is already exporting its vaccines to 73 countries, often in the form of donations. Beijing is hoping for international recognition from this, which may be inappropriate given the origin of the virus, but which Brussels has lost. “

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