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Vaccination opponent dies of Corona – “It was the worst mistake of my life”

Abby Gibbs († 24) never wanted to be anything but a mother. And now her children have to grow up without her …

The mother of three from Brandon (Great Britain) had read numerous conspiracy theories about corona vaccines on the Internet and under no circumstances wanted to be vaccinated. A deadly mistake: Gibbs became infected with the virus, fought the disease for 17 days in the intensive care unit – without success. She died on September 22nd.

What remains is a grieving family. “She had a beautiful smile and was so friendly – with her smile, her generosity and her sense of humor she wrapped everyone around her finger,” recalls Abby’s mother Lynne Gibbs in the Daily Mail.

Actually, Lynne wanted to be vaccinated at the same time as her daughter, but Abby was so full of conspiracy theories that she changed her mind. A decision that, according to her mother, Abby regretted: “When she got to the hospital, she said, ‘Mom, I wish I had got the vaccine – that was the worst mistake of my life.'”

In her short life, Abby has always known that she would like to have children herself, says her mother Lynne. “She always just wanted to be a mother. Even when she was very young, she pushed a stroller with baby dolls in front of her. “

In the hospital, too, everything for Abby revolved around her three children Makayla (6), Harrison (5) and Fallyn (2). “She was in intensive care and bought a whole clothing store for her kids online,” says Lynne. At that time, the ex-hairdresser trainee could only stay in contact with her children via cell phone camera.

Abby Gibbs’ brother Lewis remembers his sister’s last words: “I was the last person she spoke to and she told me to look after the children so they can have the best life they can have . “

After Abby’s death, numerous people in her hometown raised money for the family. So far, around 1000 pounds (1117 euros) have been collected on the “GoFundMe” donation platform. Lews Gibbs explains that her death also boosted the vaccination campaign: “After Abby died, you couldn’t get a vaccination in Brandon. There were simply no more syringes left. ”

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