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Vaccinated, refused – two neighbors, two worlds

Berlin – In the Berlin district of Marzahn, as in all of Germany, there are people who have been vaccinated – and those who absolutely do not want it.

Klaus-Peter Menzel (72) will soon get his booster shot. Instead, his neighbor, building cleaner Peter Studemund (58), accepts major hurdles. The two are so close and yet so far.

Menzel: “I got vaccinated because I want to protect myself against this new type of disease, there is currently no other remedy. And I don’t just want to protect myself, but also others, because I’m sure that this way I may be able to transmit fewer viruses. “

Studemund sees it differently: “Because, in my opinion, the vaccine is not fully developed, it is a gene therapy for me. If I’m unloaded because of that, I’ll stay at home. ”Not even a ban on access to supermarkets would change his mind. “If there is nothing left, I order over the Internet, and then the matter is settled. My wife, my children, the family, my sister-in-law, none of them get vaccinated. ”

The vaccinated neighbor relies on scientific studies and reports from clinics

He doesn’t believe in a planned campaign of lies. Regarding BILD: “That the ratio on the wards is over 90 percent unvaccinated and only ten percent vaccinated – I mean, the clinic managers of various clinics will not stand up and tell any horror fairy tales.”

Peter Studemund doesn’t believe in any of this, he gets his information from the Internet, from Facebook, from Telegram groups. One reason for lower vaccination rates in areas of the former GDR such as Marzahn is probably that East Germans who were patronized during the GDR dictatorship are more suspicious of government measures than the population from the western federal states.

Studemund says: “In the end, it’s not a corona, it’s a flu. And when I hear what Mr. Spahn is saying, then again like this and so and so, he doesn’t know himself. The politicians should best resign, then we have our peace. “

Despite the differing views, the neighbors want to continue to respect each other.

Two thirds of the unvaccinated vote right

According to a Forsa survey, two thirds of those not vaccinated voted for the AfD or other right-wing parties. What about Studemund? “I didn’t vote anymore,” he says. “I don’t trust them.”

Similar to Studemund, other vaccination opponents from Berlin-Marzahn argue. A craftsman and a housewife also say: Nobody in their family wants a vaccine. In the family group, the paranoid fear of fatal side effects is evidently particularly fruitful.

The Russian propaganda broadcaster “RT Deutsch” has been raising the mood against the vaccination campaign for months – while in Russia itself vaccination is being advertised. Most of the customers of the Russian “Mix Market” at Carree Marzahn – there are whole cured pike and bream here – however, when asked, stated that they had been vaccinated in the meantime.

It is generally said that some migrant groups from the Balkans are also afraid of the vaccination. The Romanian-born Lucian (54, building contractor) says that despite great skepticism, he had “Johnson & Johnson” injected because customers with whom he was negotiating had asked for it. His colleague Adrian would not have done that to this day and not before. “He’s really scared of the material,” says Lucian.

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