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Vaccinated people need new spades – too little bio-tech in the syringe!

But not everything tip with the syringes …

Yesterday, BILD celebrated the Bremen vaccination success: double first in vaccination rates. But now it comes out: not everything is going smoothly at the vaccination center.

256 people who were vaccinated with Biontech in the week before last have now received a letter from the health department. They did not have enough vaccine in the syringe.

Apparently employees had messed about with the vaccination equipment, mixed new with old material. This led to incorrect combinations of syringes and cannulas.

The authority confirmed the process. Spokeswoman Alicia Bernhardt: “It was possible to reliably identify all affected persons. You were informed in writing. “

Those affected can contact a hotline and make an appointment for a doctor’s consultation. There it will be clarified whether a re-vaccination is necessary. The decision is dependent on criteria such as age or state of health, but is generally made by the vaccinated person himself. A re-vaccination could take place within three weeks.

To prevent further incidents, the vaccination center promised “comprehensive measures”. According to BILD information, this involves a change in color coding, labeling of the vaccine and material, and additional warnings.

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