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Vacations: Villa Gesell will receive more than 125 thousand …

The municipality of Villa Gesell reported that more than 125 thousand people processed the permit to spend the summer in the resort city and only in December 36,150 certificates were approved. The figures were released in the last hours by the Villa Gesell Municipality Tourism Secretariat, led by Emiliano Felice, who said that these are “reasonable numbers for the pandemic context.”

Since the opening of the season, the first long weekend in December, Gesell was the second most chosen destination on the Atlantic coast, behind Mar del Plata, and from the resort city they expect the trend to continue and deepen in January and February.

Most of the vacationers who will go to Gesell are inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires (64.5%), while 30% are from the Federal Capital and 2.5% from Rosario, Santa Fe.

It is expected that this summer a tourism less linked to the exclusive one on weekends but it will not be like the old days, a fortnight or a month, if not that it is expected to be weekly.

This is clear from the requested permits, since to spend the holidays in Villa Gesell, the average requests are between 6 and 7 days. “Families choose Villa Gesell fundamentally for the tranquility of its beaches, affordable prices and the good management that we had since the beginning of the pandemic, with public policies and care that allowed us to position ourselves in the region as one of the safest destinations” Felice explained.

Villa Gesell has 16 active cases of covid and 496 confirmed since the beginning of the pandemic, while other parties with similar characteristics such as Pinamar and Mar del Plata have 115 and 2,242 active cases and 1,762 and 29,147 total, respectively. One thing to keep in mind is that Villa Gesell controls the income to the city and requests permits from all those who enter both by car and by bus.

At the entry points, in addition to controlling permits, recommendations are made to tourists and one of them is to “try not to go” to a well-known supermarket that is on the route “because there are many people from Pinamar, who have many cases due to covid-19 “.

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