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Vacation accident – after falling on the balcony – young woman is fighting for her life

Jennifer Walsh (22) went to Croatia to have a good time. Now the young woman is fighting for her life.

The reason: The British woman fell from a hotel balcony while on vacation. Walsh suffered several broken bones and a cerebral haemorrhage. She had to undergo emergency surgery.

Sister Sara writes on the Internet that the family was informed of the accident on October 2nd. “The news totally shocked my parents and me. We were devastated because we didn’t even know what was going to happen to our Jen. “

Jennifer fell directly into a coma from the fall. “When she arrived at the hospital, she was operated on immediately on the brain to save her life.” After the terrible news, the parents flew from Great Britain to Croatia to help their daughter.

The sister counts how bad the holidaymaker got: In addition to the cerebral hemorrhage, Jennifer Walsh suffered a double fracture of the skull, and also broken all the ribs on the left half of the body, as well as a collarbone and a wrist. Her lungs also had to be punctured.

According to the family, the British woman is currently in a stable condition. However, doctors put her into an artificial coma after the operation. “We pray that she will get back on her feet quickly,” said Sister Sara.

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Because Jennifer did not take out vacation insurance, the family urgently needs donations to pay the hospital bills. A fundraising campaign was launched at Gofundme for this purpose. So far, more than 25,000 pounds have been raised, which corresponds to around 29,000 euros.

Tragic: Before her fateful fall, Jennifer Walsh had told her family that she had “the time of her life” and fell in love with Croatia.

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