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V-27: how and when to use the new DGT light that replaces the triangles

V-27: how and when to use the new DGT light that replaces the triangles

The Royal Decree on roadside assistance services approved at the end of March came loaded with interesting news. As of January 1, 2026, the V-16 light, which will replace the warning triangles, will be mandatory. And this will not be the only tool with which the DGT intends to improve road safety since it will be accompanied by the V-27 signal: how and when to use the new light.

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Let’s start by answering the question that many are asking: what is the V-27? According to the document published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) it is a triangle shaped virtual light It will be activated automatically in the car’s on-board system. When will you do it? At the moment when someone reports a risk situation through a platform integrated by connected vehicles.

Thus, its mission is none other than to warn about the presence of danger on the road to other users. The main difference from the V-16 is that the V-27 will work on its own and will do so inside the car.

How do you use the V-27?

To be able to incorporate the V-27 signal into a car, it is necessary to have a connectivity system and that, at the same time, it is linked to the National Traffic and Mobility Information Access Point electronically. Only models that are registered will see this virtual triangle.

This platform is an infrastructure that will create a national access point and it will include all the special circumstances of the roads: traffic incidence, occasional cuts, breakdowns, accidents … For this reason, the V-16 light must have a connectivity system. With it, it will be possible to inform about the location of the vehicle and when an incident occurs, nearby users will receive the notice through the V-27.

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When is it going to be mandatory?

Everything indicates that this system will be gradually introduced in the new models, but, for now, its use will not be mandatory Although it is recommended since the more cars have it, the greater road safety there will be. It is still unknown when it will come into force since it depends on the development and implementation of the National Access Point for Traffic and Mobility Information of the DGT.

Elena Sanz Bartolomé April 2, 2021 Р11:28 a.m.

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