USA: White House warns migrants against illegal entry

So far, the administration of US President Joe Biden has avoided explicitly speaking of a crisis on the southern border of the USA. But in view of the dramatic increase in illegal border crossings from Mexico, she has now asked migrants not to make their way to the USA at the moment.

“The border is not open,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Thursday (local time): “Now is not the time to come.” Psaki also said that the vast majority of migrants will be based on health regulations in the Coronavirus pandemic dismissed. The government stands by its principle not to send unaccompanied minors back after crossing the border for humanitarian reasons.

The border protection agency CBP announced on Wednesday that its employees had picked up 100,441 people trying to cross the southern border in February – 28 percent more than in the previous month and almost three times as many as in February last year. 72,113 migrants were sent back.

According to CBP, the number of unaccompanied minors rose from 3,490 in February 2020 to 9,457 last month. Overall, the agency attributes the increase in numbers to ongoing violence, natural disasters and poverty in Central American countries.

Psaki called the situation on Thursday “an enormous challenge”. The government is looking for ways to reduce the number of children making the dangerous journey.

How should Biden behave in refugee policy?

Steps are also being considered to help minors be brought to special facilities or brought together with family members in the United States more quickly after crossing the border.

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, had an extremely restrictive migration policy. For the current president, the course in refugee policy is not easy. He does not want to continue the rigid, sometimes inhuman regulations of the Trump era. On the other hand, with a softer policy, he makes himself vulnerable to criticism from the conservative camp – especially if the number of border crossings continues to rise. The Republicans are already accusing him of encouraging people to enter the country illegally.

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