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USA: The number of migrants at the border with Mexico has increased massively

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The number of migrants increases significantly – the governor speaks of a “humanitarian crisis”

Migrants in Mexico are waiting to begin the process of entering the United States Migrants in Mexico are waiting to begin the process of entering the United States

Migrants in Mexico are waiting to begin the process of entering the United States


The situation is worsening on the border between the USA and Mexico. US President Joe Biden appealed to migrants not to make their way to the US – nevertheless, the number of people arriving has increased massively since he took office.

AIn view of the significant increase in the number of migrants on the border with the United States, residents of a camp on the Mexican side have requested an explanation from the authorities. “We do not go to a hostel until it is clear when we will be granted entry to the USA,” said a press conference of 15 migrants on Wednesday in the border town of Tijuana.

They belong to a group of around 1200 people, including 200 children, who have been living in a camp without access to basic services for weeks at the border crossing to the US city of San Diego, California. They come from Central America, Cuba, Haiti and African countries. The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, whose state also borders Mexico, spoke of a “humanitarian crisis” in view of the situation, which has resulted in the Dallas Convention Center being converted into a temporary shelter. The government of US President Joe Biden had “opened the floodgates” and was not prepared for the consequences.

Since President Joe Biden took office on January 20, the US government has partially reversed the policy of foreclosure on the southern border of his predecessor Donald Trump. Since then, the number of arriving migrants and refugees has risen significantly, including many unaccompanied minors. Most of the migrants are fleeing poverty and violence as well as the consequences of devastating storms from the Central American countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

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Biden had appealed to the migrants on Tuesday: “Don’t come.” US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said the number of migrants could rise to the highest level in 20 years. Most single adults and families would be expelled, but unaccompanied children would not.

According to the US border protection agency CBP, its employees attacked 100,441 people trying to cross the border with Mexico in February – 28 percent more than in the previous month and almost three times as many as in February of last year. 72,113 migrants were sent back. According to CBP, the number of unaccompanied minors rose from 3,490 in February 2020 to 9,457 last month.

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