USA: Ship disappeared en route from the Bahamas to Florida

A ship with 20 people on board has disappeared on the Atlantic Ocean between the Bahamas and the US state of Florida. Rescue workers stopped the search on Friday.

The almost nine-meter-long motorboat left the Bimini archipelago in the Bahamas on Monday and was not seen afterwards, the US Coast Guard said. It should have arrived in the port of Lake Worth on the east coast of the US state Florida long ago, but the boat never showed up there.

According to the information, rescue workers from the USA and the Bahamas searched a sea area of ​​44,000 square kilometers with ships and airplanes, but gave up after 84 hours. Whoever has information about the people on board should report, it said in the message from the coast guard. “Our thoughts and prayers go to the families of the missing.”

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