USA: Republicans want to fight Joe Biden’s trillion package “at every stage”

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced fierce opposition to President Joe Biden’s $ 2 trillion infrastructure upgrade program. He will fight the plan at every stage, because the plan is the “wrong recipe for America,” said McConnell on Thursday.

Although his party also wants to invest in the infrastructure, they will not support the program presented by Biden. The last thing the US economy needs right now is a “huge tax hike,” McConnell said. He kept quiet about the fact that his party under Donald Trump had pushed through a tax reform that would benefit the rich upper class in particular.

McConnell also criticized the fact that the investment program provided “more money for electric cars than for roads and bridges.”

With the two trillion dollar program, Biden wants to fundamentally modernize the infrastructure of his country and stimulate economic growth. It is to be financed by raising the corporate tax from 21 to 28 percent. Biden stressed that the program would create “millions of well-paying jobs.” The United States “cannot hesitate another minute” to rebuild US infrastructure.

Despite a democratic majority, enforcement will not be easy

“This will create the strongest, most robust, most innovative economy in the world,” promised Biden when he compared his concept to the “space race” at the launch in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. In 50 years, people would look back and be amazed: “That was the moment when America won the future.”

However, tough disputes with the opposition Republicans in Congress over the project are to be expected. One of the sticking points is the planned increase in corporate tax. Under Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, this was drastically reduced from 35 to 21 percent. Biden’s Democrats control both Congress Chambers, but their majority in the Senate in particular is very thin and fragile.

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