USA: “Proud Boys” boss Henry “Enrique” Tarrio is released – and has to leave Washington

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, head of the right-wing extremist US group “Proud Boys”, may have imagined his time in the capital Washington to be different. He actually wanted to support the outgoing President Donald Trump at a mass rally on Wednesday – but the US authorities thwarted this plan.

After Tarrio was taken into custody on Tuesday for alleged damage to property in Washington, he is now at large, according to media reports. The 36-year-old from Miami was ordered to stay away from Washington until his next court hearing on June 8th.

According to US media citing court documents, Tarrio is accused of having been involved in the burning of a “Black Lives Matter” banner that was stolen from a church on the sidelines of a pro-Trump demonstration last month.

Tarrio had frankly admitted the act in an interview with the Washington Post. When Tarrio was arrested on Tuesday, he was also carrying two gun magazines, which is illegal in Washington.

Trump wants to address supporters personally

Meanwhile, Trump announced that he would personally address his supporters during the protests against the election result and his defeat planned for Wednesday near the White House.

“I’ll be speaking at the Save America demonstration tomorrow,” the president wrote on Twitter. Two hours later, the US Congress wants to meet to certify the results of the presidential election in the states on November 3.

Video: Confrontations between “Proud Boys” and counter-demonstrators in November

The Democrat Joe Biden has clearly won the election according to the official results of the states. Trump is sticking to his unsubstantiated claims that Biden was only able to win through massive fraud.

Preparations for the protests have been going on for days. As reported by the AP news agency, thousands of demonstrators gathered near the White House on Tuesday. Despite the currently extremely high number of corona infections in the USA, most Trump supporters did not wear a mask.

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