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USA: Pharmacist willfully destroys corona vaccine

A common conspiracy theory surrounding the corona vaccine is that it would alter human DNA. Even a pharmacist believed in this in the USA. He destroyed hundreds of doses of the drug.

A pharmacist in the US state of Wisconsin who deliberately destroyed hundreds of doses of corona vaccine was apparently a conspiracy theorist. “His intention was to make them unusable because he believed they were unsafe,” District Attorney Adam Gerol said at a hearing on Monday. Accordingly, the man believed that the moderna vaccine could change human DNA.

The 46-year-old had initially told the authorities that he had accidentally removed 57 vials, each containing ten doses of vaccine, from the freezers of a hospital in the village of Grafton. He later admitted that he had taken the vaccine out of the refrigerator on purpose.

Uncooled active ingredient put back

According to the hospital operator, the 46-year-old admitted that he had later put the uncooled vaccines back into the refrigerator, which resulted in 57 people being vaccinated with the non-refrigerated and therefore ineffective agent. Those affected had been notified, but there was no evidence of damage.

The pharmacist was released and arrested after the incident. According to a report in the “New York Times”, he had made several remarks to his wife that indicated conspiracy theories. Accordingly, the man believed that the world would collapse, the US government was planning cyber attacks and wanted to cut the power grid.

Experts: Conspiracy theories pose a threat in the fight against the pandemic

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, countless conspiracy theories have been spread in online networks, especially about corona vaccines. Experts fear that this misinformation poses a serious threat in the fight against the virus, as it encourages a refusal of vaccinations.

The vaccines from the manufacturers Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer are based on so-called mRNA technology. With these vaccines, the human body is given some of the genetic information of the virus – so the immune system can generate a protective response to the pathogen. According to experts, there is no evidence that these vaccines alter human DNA.

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