USA: No charges against police officers after black’s death

There are no charges in the case of an African American who died after a police operation in New York state last year. The responsible jury waived charges against police officers on Tuesday, the state attorney general, Letitia James, announced.

James was “extremely disappointed” with this decision. The grand jury has the final say in this case. The public prosecutor’s office must respect the jury’s decision.

A video of the Rochester incident released in September caused great outrage. In the city as well as in the metropolis of New York there were demonstrations against police violence and racism.

The footage shows how the African American Daniel Prude lies naked and unarmed on a street. He becomes increasingly restless after the officers handcuff him.

Then a hood is put on Prude, which should protect the emergency services against possible spitting attacks. A policeman also pushes the black man’s head to the ground. The 41-year-old then loses consciousness. A week later he dies in the hospital. The autopsy concludes that it was a homicide.

According to his brother, Daniel Prude had psychological problems. The police operation already occurred on March 23, but was not made known until early September through the video from a police officer’s body camera. The incident resulted in the resignation of Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary, who is also an African American.

Shot while jogging – Ahmaud Arbery’s mother files a lawsuit

In another case of fatal violence against a black, the victim’s mother filed a lawsuit for compensation on Tuesday. Ahmaud Arbery, 25, was shot and killed on February 23, 2020 while jogging in a residential area in the city of Brunswick, Georgia.

The mother filed her lawsuit exactly one year after the incident. She demands a million dollars (820,000 euros) from people responsible for the fatal shots or involved in the subsequent investigations.

The lawsuit named three white men on charges of murder in the case. The lawsuit was also directed against police officers and public prosecutors, whom the mother accused of covering up the crime. The investigation into Arbery’s death had only moved forward after a video of the crime appeared on the Internet two months later.

The video shows how Arbery tries to run around a pickup truck belonging to the suspects standing on the street. This leads to an argument with one of the white men who is holding a rifle. Then several shots are fired and Arbery falls to the ground. The African American was unarmed.

On the anniversary of Arbery’s death, US President Joe Biden said: “A black man should be able to go jogging without fear of his life.” His predecessor Donald Trump, on the other hand, was accused by critics of repeatedly fueling racist prejudice and emotions.

Cases of deadly violence against blacks sparked anti-racism demonstrations in the United States for months. The original trigger for the protests was the death of the African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation at the end of May in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On the fringes of the mostly peaceful protests, there were repeated riots.

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