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USA Liveticker: Pelosi wants to remove Trump from office immediately

Police: A person shot in the Capitol

After supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump penetrated the Capitol in Washington, a person was injured there. The chief of police in the US capital, Robert Contee, said at a press conference on Wednesday that it was “a civilian”, further details are not yet known.

Contee said that after Trump appeared in front of supporters on Wednesday lunchtime, “a large crowd” made their way to the Capitol. Protesters broke through the barricades and entered the Capitol grounds. The behavior of the demonstrators towards the police was “violent”.

“It was clear that the crowd intended to harm our officers by using chemical irritants on the police to force them into the United States Capitol,” Contee said. He referred to the imposed night curfew, which was in effect from 6 p.m. (local time / 0.00 CET) until 6 a.m. the next morning. Anyone who does not do so runs the risk of being arrested.

Contee stressed that the protests were not peaceful, but rather “illegal seditious behavior” on the part of the demonstrators. Those responsible would be held accountable. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said police forces had been sent in from neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia. Police forces from New Jersey would also support the capital city police.

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