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USA has a record: 20 million corona infected people

The corona pandemic in the USA has reached a sad record: the number of infected people rose to 20 million people. The number of reported fatalities is also increasing.

The USA passed the 20 million corona infection threshold on the first day of the new year. The number of deaths due to a corona infection rose to 346,408 on Friday at the same time, according to Johns Hopkins University. This makes the USA by far the country with the most corona infections and deaths worldwide.

The number of new infections in the United States has accelerated rapidly in recent weeks, which is attributed, among other things, to the family celebrations and Thanksgiving trips at the end of November as well as the Christmas celebrations. While the country only passed the ten million infection threshold on November 9, the 20 million mark was broken just a few weeks later.

Record also for deaths per day

With more than 3,900 deaths in one day, the US had only set a new sad record on Wednesday. Currently, more than 125,300 people across the country have to be treated in hospital for corona.

The hopes of many citizens therefore rest on the corona vaccinations that started in mid-December. So far, nearly three million people in the US have received a first dose of vaccine – far less than the 20 million promised by President Donald Trump by the end of the year.

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