USA after the storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters: the cracked democracy

The pack roars, the pack rages. It concerns civil servants. She storms the Capitol – while inside MPs attend an important meeting.

The scene is horrific. It dates from last spring and happened in Lansing, in the Michigan State Parliament.

At the time, the crowd protested against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s corona policy. One of the people who prepared the ground for this was Donald Trump: with tweets like “Liberate Michigan!” And verbal attacks against the politician. The FBI was later to publicize how members of a violent far-right militia planned to kidnap Whitmer.

A democracy in which the nerves are on edge

So now the US capital Washington, Capitol Hill, the sanctuary of the republic. Many in the country struggled for the right words after Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol. There is talk of riot and revolt, of treason and coup d’├ętat. President-elect Joe Biden spoke of an “unprecedented attack” on US democracy.

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