USA 2020 elections: “Even in Mexico they use identification to vote,” says Trump

Donald Trump, president of the United States (EU), who has maintained affirming that he won the elections of November 3 and that there was fraudHe tweeted this morning that “even in Mexico identification is used to vote.”

The day after the Georgia Senate election, where one of two seats at stake was won by Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock, and the other is pending, Trump tweeted that “suddenly they found 50,000 ballots late last night. The fools. they embarrass America. Our electoral process is worse than that of third world countries!“.

Twitter tagged the post saying that the voter fraud claims are disputed.

Trump, who alleges without evidence that the massive early vote that took place in the presidential elections, in which Democrat Joe Biden won, was lent to fraud, insists that he won, that his election was “stolen” and now wants the vice president Mike Pence revoke the election result in today’s congressional session which must certify the electoral votes of the states.

“The states want to redo their votes. They found they voted on a FRAUD. The legislatures didn’t pass it. Let them do it. BE STRONG!” He tweeted, before mentioning to Mexico as an example.

“Even in Mexico identification is used to vote”.


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