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US will help Central American farmers affected by climate change, says Harris

US Vice President Kamala Harris said Sunday that her administration will focus on helping Central American farmers affected by climate change, in an effort to address one of the root causes of migration.

Harris is tasked with spearheading President Joe Biden’s initiative to solve the long-standing problem of migration at the US-Mexico border.

The United States Department of Agriculture “is going to increase our focus and our resources to help farmers in that region who have been devastated by the crisis in terms of weather and drought,” Harris said on the “State of the Union” program. from the CNN network.

Harris pointed to climate change as one of the root causes of increased migration, due to extreme weather conditions, such as drought, that devastate the Central American agricultural industry.

“It’s not just about the economic devastation and what we have to do to help in economic relief and development, but there is extreme hunger there, there is food insecurity,” Harris said.

“If parents and children literally cannot eat, if they cannot have the essential basic things that everyone needs to live, of course they are going to run away,” he added.

Harris will meet virtually with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei on Tuesday and with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on May 7.

He also confirmed to CNN that he intends to travel to Central America to meet with the two leaders in person.

“We are working on the plan to get there. We have to deal with the covid issues,” he explained.

This agenda raises Harris’s profile on one of the most difficult issues facing the new Biden administration.

Unlike former Republican President Donald Trump, who emphasized physically preventing would-be immigrants from crossing the border, Biden and Harris have pledged to help Central American governments address the poverty and violence that drive their people to do the same. difficult journey north.


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