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US talks with China: Diplomats publicly clash

US talks with China
Diplomats clash in public

A meeting between the diplomatic representatives of China and the USA does not promise harmonious discussions among like-minded people. The first contact between the new US Secretary of State and his Chinese counterpart is even more heated than expected.

Top diplomats from the US and Chinese governments met with sharp accusations at an initial meeting. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan opened their talks with China’s top diplomats Yang Jiechi and State Councilor Wang Yi in Anchorage, Alaska on Thursday. There was an intense exchange of blows between the representatives of the two countries in front of the cameras.

“We will discuss our deep concern about the actions of China, including those in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as the cyberattacks on the United States and the economic coercion of our allies. Each of these actions threatens the rules-based order that sustains global stability,” accentuated blinking.

Yang responded with a 15-minute speech in Chinese, criticizing the ailing democracy of the United States, the poor treatment of minorities, and its foreign and trade policies: “They abuse so-called national security terms to hinder normal trade, and some To incite countries to attack China. ” US Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the United States is not looking for a conflict with China, but will stand up for its principles and friends. Citing the Mars rover’s successful landing that year, he said the promise the United States made lies in its ability to constantly reinvent itself.

USA accuses China of protocol violation

The opening speech to journalists, which usually only lasted a few minutes, lasted more than an hour. The two delegations argued over when the media should be expelled from the room. A US government official told reporters that China had “violated” the agreed protocol, which required two-minute opening statements from each of the key players.

Before he took office, President Joe Biden was attacked by Republicans who feared that his administration would adopt too soft a stance on China. However, on the eve of the Anchorage talks, the United States took a number of measures against China. These include the revocation of Chinese telecommunications licenses and subpoenas from several Chinese information technology companies over concerns about national security. In addition, sanctions against China for dismantling democracy in Hong Kong have been updated. Talks between the US and China are set to continue on Friday.

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