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US Secretary of State Pompeo will go to Japan for quad meeting, China’s nervousness increased. america – World

US Secretary of State Pompeo will go to Japan for Quad meeting, China's nervousness increased

Mike Pompeo will join quad meet

Mike Pompeo will participate in QUAD: Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo will also travel to Japan for the meeting of QUAD, the organization of Australia, Australia and Japan, which is being led by the US against China.

Washington. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Japan to attend the second QUAD meeting to be held with the Australian Foreign Ministers of Australaia, India and Japan. The second ministerial meeting between India, Australia, Japan and the US (US) will be held in Tokyo on 6 October, with the foreign minister of these countries to deal with various challenges arising from the international system and global epidemics following the Kovid-19 crisis. Will discuss the need for coordinated steps. On behalf of India, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar (S Jaishankar) will take part in this meeting.

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said on Tuesday, “Foreign Minister Pompeo will attend the second quadrennial meeting of foreign ministers of Australia, India and Japan on October 6.” Pompeo will also travel to Ulanbatore and Seoul as part of a tour of Asia from October 4 to October 8. He said that he would go to Ulanbatore on October 7 for a meeting with senior officials and would go to Seoul on October 7 and eight. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar will go to Tokyo on October 6 and 7 to attend the quadrangular ministerial meeting. He will hold talks with his Japanese counterpart Toshimitsu Motegi to further strengthen bilateral relations.

A strategy will be made against China’s aggressive attitude
The meeting will be in the backdrop of growing global concerns over China’s military strength in the Indo-Pacific region. Earlier, the first meeting of the foreign ministers of the four countries was held in New York on September 2019 as part of the quadrilateral meeting. The US is encouraging India to play a greater role in the Indo-Pacific region. Many countries believe that America is doing this to control China’s growing power in the region.India gives Dornier aircraft to Maldives

On the other hand, India is also continuously taking steps to end the influence of China. In this sequence, India has provided a Dornier aircraft to the Maldives so that the island country can strengthen its special economic zone monitoring and keep an eye on the maritime terrorists. Government sources said on Tuesday that the aircraft will be operated by the Maldives National Defense Force (MDNF). Dornier and its operating expenses will be borne by India.

The then Maldives President Abdulla Yameen expressed the need for a Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft for his country during his visit to India in 2016. Sources said that for the operation of the aircraft, the Indian Navy is training seven military personnel including Maldives pilots and surveillance personnel and engineers. A source in this regard said, “The aircraft will also be used to monitor activities such as drug trafficking and illegal fishing. India has been regularly sharing information with the Maldives about the activities of drug traffickers. Sources said that the aircraft will also help in the ongoing joint surveillance of India and Maldives on the Special Economic Zone of the island country.

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