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US Presidential Debate: Donald Trump said – India, Russia and China are hiding the death toll from Corona. america – World

US Presidential Debate: Donald Trump said - India, Russia and China are hiding the death toll from Corona

Trump accuses India of big charges

US Elections First 2020 primary debate: US President Donald Trump, during the presidential debate on Tuesday, alleged that countries like Russia (Russia), India (China) and China (China) have corrected deaths from Coronavirus. The figures are not telling.

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  • Last Updated:September 30, 2020, 11:17 AM IST

Washington. In the US, the first presidential debate was held late Tuesday evening between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency. During the same debate, speaking on the issue of Coronavirus, Trump alleged that India, Russia and China are hiding the figures of deaths due to corona virus. In response to a question by Biden, Trump said that no one in the world knows how many deaths have taken place in these countries, the data here is not clear.

Actually, Biden alleged during the debate that due to Trump’s mistakes, millions of people in America lost their lives due to Corona. In response, Trump said that our government brought masks, PPE kits and medicines to combat the corona virus. We are just a few weeks away from making the corona vaccine. I have talked to companies and I can say that we will soon make a vaccine. He said that there have been relatively less deaths in the US, while the exact figures of epidemic deaths in India, Russia and China have not yet been known.

Mocked Biden for wearing a mask

During the debate, Trump said that even though Biden lives at a distance of 200 feet at election meetings and public events, he comes wearing a big mask. On this, questions related to not wearing trump masks and big rallies also came up. Moderator Wallace asked – President, why don’t you apply masks. While your health officer also gives the same advice. On this, Trump said – It is not that I do not apply masks. I definitely do it when needed. Trump said that if Biden were in his place, there would have been more deaths in America. In response, Biden said that Trump had no plans to fight the epidemic. Let me tell you that there are more than seven million cases of corona virus infection in America and about two lakh people have died due to the disease so far.

Why do people vote for you?
In response to this question, Trump said, “Our government is the best administrative government.” Before coming to Corona, we were on the path of development which has been pushed. “He said,” Before the end of our term, we have appointed more judges. When I got a chance to form the government, 128 judges’ seats were empty. The previous government was weak while our government was strong. “Biden said that America would become more insecure and poorer under Trump’s rule.

He said, “Under the rule of Trump, the rich will become richer, while the poor will become poorer.” In response to a question about climate change, Trump said, “I want clean water and clean air.” We are doing excellent work in this regard and we have not done any harm to the business. As far as the annual fire in the forests is concerned, we need better forest management.

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