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US President Donald Trump’s corona positive, a huge decline in the stock markets worldwide. america – World

US President Donald Trump's corona positive, a huge decline in stock markets worldwide

China’s major benchmark index Shanghai and Australia’s ASX 200 index has broken more than two percent.

US President Donald Trump has been found to be Corona positive. The test of his wife Melania Trump has also come positive. Both are now quarantined. But after these news, there has been a huge decline in the stock market worldwide.

Mumbai. Stock markets around the world have fallen drastically following reports of US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump being Corona positive. In Asian markets, Japan’s leading benchmark index Nikkei has broken more than 1 percent. At the same time, China’s major benchmark index Shanghai and Australia’s ASX 200 index has broken more than two percent. Let us tell you that the Indian stock market is closed today due to Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October. Now business will start on Monday i.e. October 5.

European markets are also expected to fall – According to news agency Reuters, the US stock market’s major benchmark index Dow Jones Future fell by more than 500 points after reports of President Trump being Corona positive. Also, the yield of 10-year Treasury bonds has fallen. .

Experts believe that the start of European markets may also be in the red mark. Britain’s benchmark index FTSE, France’s CAC and Germany’s leading index DAX may open with a big drop.Also read- Nirmala Sitharaman created new plan to provide customers with the best facilities in banks, you will get benefit

Why the decline – Experts say that if anything happens in the world’s largest economy, then its effect is visible on the whole world. In such a situation, the hopes of the second relief package coming to America have been shocked. That is why the decline in the global market has deepened.

Indian market closed on Thursday with great speed-Bank Nifty ran nearly 650 points on the back of shortcovering in bank shares. The advantage of this was shown on both indexes on Thursday. At the end of trading, the Sensex gained 629 points to close at 38,697. At the same time, the Nifty climbed 169 points to close at 11,417. Nifty Bank closed at 22,246, climbing 794 points. Midcap climbed 142 points to close at 17,125.

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