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US Hispanic Congressmen condemn Nayib Bukele’s attacks on Norma Torres

With his comments to the legislator, President Nayib Bukele continues to undermine her credibility in the US Congress, where she has already added convictions from various legislators from the Democratic and Republican parties.

Throughout the weekend, the President of the Republic Nayib Bukele launched numerous attacks on social networks against the US congresswoman, of Guatemalan origin, Norma Torres.

Torres is one of the strongest critics of Bukele’s style of government, marked by disqualifications and attacks on his critics, as well as opacity in the use of state resources.

That earned her the ridicule of the president, calls by the president for the voters of her district to replace her in the next elections and a barrage of negative comments from accounts related to or associated with the ruling party. That is, the usual treatment of Bukele and his circle for those who criticize him, ask uncomfortable questions or question his management.

Faced with these attacks, the group of Hispanic Congressmen (CHC, or Congressional Hispanic Caucus) published a statement in which he “strongly denounces the recent attacks against Congresswoman Norma Torres.”

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In this group (which in the American legislative lingo is called a “caucus”) there are well-known legislators, such as Senator Bob Menéndez, Representative Albio Sires or the young and popular New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“For six years, Congresswoman Torres has been a vital member of the CHC and a tireless fighter to deepen the role of the United States in Central America, ”said the other members of this group of Hispanic legislators, which include influential Democrats from the United States House of Representatives and Senate.

In the opinion of the legislators, Torres “has always prioritized the rule of law and the fight against corruption in the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras).” This, they affirm, to avoid the massive and irregular exodus of citizens from this part of Central America to the United States.

“Unfortunately, the recent series of personal attacks against Congresswoman Torres only serves to undermine her efforts and those of our Caucus to build a relationship between the United States and El Salvador that benefits the people of both countries,” reads the CHC statement.

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This is relevant, since several of these legislators sit in spaces where the cooperation that the United States can send to El Salvador is determined, and they can influence the White House’s ties with the Salvadoran government.

Hispanic legislators also condemned that the attacks are part of what many women, especially human rights defenders, face “when they challenge those in power.”

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