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US Elections Vice-Presidential Debate: Kamala Harris told Trump she failed america – World

US Elections Vice-Presidential Debate: Kamala Harris tells Trump

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (file photo)

US Elections Vice-Presidential Debate: The first and only Vice-Presidential debate for the US presidential elections saw aggressive negotiations between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. Kamla clearly said that the Trump government is not eligible to be elected again.

Washington. The US Elections 2020 has begun and the first and only Vice Presidential Debate continues in Salt Lake City. The debate is taking place between Vice President Mike Pence on behalf of the Republican Party and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris on behalf of the Democrat Party and the main issue is the corona virus. Kamala Harris stated clearly during the debate that the Trump government has proved to be a complete failure in the prevention of the epidemic.

Let me tell you that the first and only Vice Presidential Debate is taking place in Salt Lake City today. Protection glasses i.e. glass have been placed in front of both. There is a distance of 12 feet between the two candidates. It was 7 feet before the trump got infected. Kamala Harris took an aggressive stance in the debate from the very beginning and said – the Trump government has failed on the Corona issue. Thousands of examples can be given. To this, Mike Pence said – We stopped people coming from China. Thousands of Americans could be saved from this. USA Today’s Susan Page is moderating the debate.

Pens are undergoing tests every day
After Trump is found positive, Pence is undergoing tests daily. On Wednesday night, he said – I have done the test again. My report has been negative. So far, 18 positive cases have been reported in the White House. Three senators and many of Trump’s advisers are involved. Pence said – Why are you blaming President Trump for everything? He has shown how strict decisions he can take by stopping people coming from China. They have saved thousands of lives.Trump not worth winning for the second time
During the debate, Kamala Harris stated clearly that Trump and his government are not capable of winning re-election. This government has lost the trust of the people. At first Trump has been calling the epidemic minor and is constantly trying to hide the figure of deaths. The President tells the epidemic a lie. The President and you came to know about this on January 28, but your government kept watching the spectacle silently.

Pence silent on the question of Trump’s age
Moderator Susan Page, concerned with Pence Trump’s growing age, blushed at Pence’s question and refused to answer. On the question related to the vaccine, Kamla said – I will not get the vaccine coming and even if President Trump asks to have it. Yes, if the doctor says that the vaccine can be administered, then I will do it first, but cannot trust Trump’s point. On this, Pence said – You are also doing politics on the issue of vaccine. What message are we giving to people? Stop politics It is a matter related to people’s lives.

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