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US Elections primary debate: Biden’s charge- Trump let millions die. america – World

Washington. In the US, the first presidential debate was held late Tuesday evening between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for the presidency. The two rivals talked on different issues like health, justice, racial discrimination and economy and made sharp attacks on each other. When asked about the Kovid-19 epidemic, Donald Trump said that if Biden had been in his place, there would have been more deaths in America. In response, Biden said that Trump had no plans to fight the epidemic. Let me tell you that there are more than seven million cases of corona virus infection in America and about two lakh people have died due to the disease so far.

This debate started at 6.30 am on Wednesday, while in the US it started at 9 pm on Tuesday night. Please tell that there will be three such debates. The second debates are to be held on 15 October and the third on 22 October. In this debate, the issues of the records of both the candidates, Supreme Court, Coronavirus, Economy, Racism-Violence and Election Integrity will be debated.

Biden’s son Robert Hunter charged
During the debate, Biden’s son Robert Hunter Biden was also mentioned several times. Trump accused Hunter that he had received money from the Moscow Governor’s Office. Apart from this, he benefited by being on the board of directors of a company in Ukraine. All this happened when Biden was the Vice President. Trump said Hunter earned millions of dollars and caused damage to the country. Leave Ukraine, took money from the mayor of Moscow and received not a lot but millions of dollars. However, Biden denied the charge. He said- My son did not take any money. If I want, I can talk about the adventures of the President’s family overnight, but all of them should stop and talk about the issues. Trump’s children are working in the White House and also participating in the campaign. Because of them, China has stolen in our country.To see Trump-Biden’s Debate click here..

According to CNN, this debate to be held in Ohio will be of 90 minutes and will include 6 topics. They will be divided into 15-15 minutes. There will be no break during this. Chris Wallace of Fox News will be the moderator of the debate. Chris is the anchor in this channel. Due to coronavirus, this time the picture will look somewhat changed. The moderator will be the same and there will be no panelists. According to CNN, moderators and candidates will not wear masks. Trump’s wife Melania and daughter Ivanka will be present at the venue.

First Debate: 29 September 2020
Time: 9 pm (as per Indian time, Wednesday at 6.30 am)
Where: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland (Ohio)
How long: 90 minutes (there will be no break)
Moderator: Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. In 2016, Wallace also made the first debates of Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Issues: There will be 6 issues in total. They are like this – Records of both the candidates, Supreme Court, Coronavirus, Economy, Racism-Violence and Election Integrity i.e. Electoral Integrity.

Second Debate: 15 October 2020
Time: Not currently fixed
Where: Adrian Erst Center of Performing Arts, Miami
How long: 90 minutes
Moderator: C-SPAN Political Editor Steve Sully. The town hall style will be debated. Viewers will join, number not decided.
Issues: The Commission will decide on Presidential Debate (CPD). The announcement will be a week in advance.

Third Debate: 22 October 2020
Time: Not currently fixed
Where: Belmont University, Nashville
How long: 90 minutes
Moderator: NBC White House Correspondent Christine Wacker. She is the second black woman to do Presidential Debate Moderate (alone). The first was Carol Simpson.
Issues: There will be 6 issues. They will be decided by the Commission on Presidential Debate (CPD). The announcement will be a week in advance.

Vice presidential debate
When: 7 October 2020
Where: Utah University of Salt Lake City (Kingsvare Hall)
Moderator: Susan Page. She is the Washington Bureau Chief of USA Today.
Issues: CPD will announce a week in advance. There will be 9 issues. Each candidate will get 10 minutes.

Approval rating
There are only five weeks left in the election. According to News Week, Biden is 10 points ahead of President Trump in the National Approval Rating. It is believed that they are getting more support on issues like epidemics and health care. According to polls from ABC News and the Washington Post, Biden leads 54-44. However, there are some voters who believe that Trump will soon overcome the Kovid-19.

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