US election: Trump surprises with new decree before resigning – it could change America in the long term

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Donald Trump is now President of the United States for less than a month. But now he has issued an order that has triggered violent protests. On a subject that Trump is very familiar with.

  • Joe Biden will be new on January 20th president sworn in by the USA.
  • Until then has Donald Trump* still the hand on the lever.
  • With a new decree that could change America significantly, he angered the architecture chamber.

Washington DC – Less than a month is allowed Donald Trump still president the USA call. On January 20, the office will pass to the newly elected Joe Biden. * But shortly before the resignation, Donald Trump seems to become active again – and in an unusual area. The departing President * the modern buildings in Washington and other American cities seem to be displeasing. But what initially looks like a triviality could change the cityscape.

Donald Trump: Decree should change the cityscape – President calls for “traditional architecture”

Roman and Greek architecture instead of modern buildings in the cities: In a new disposition President Trump ordered that “beautiful” designs and especially Greco-Roman styles should be given preference in the construction of public buildings. Societies long ago had the importance of “more beautiful, more public architecture“Recognized. “Ancient Roman and Greek public buildings were designed to be sturdy and useful, to beautify public spaces and to arouse national pride,” she said regulation. In this style, for example, the White House*, the Supreme Court, the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

Since the 1950s, however, an “incoherent mixture” has arisen in the buildings of the federal authorities, he complains president in the new regulation. Traditional designs would have been replaced by modern ones. “It’s time to update the federal architecture guidelines,” said the president. “New building designs are designed to beautify public spaces, inspire the human spirit, ennoble the United States, and demand public respect.” Donald Trump was already known for it in the 2016 election campaign America wanting to go back to its roots. “Make America Great Again” is his motto.

Donald Trump: decision annoys Chamber of Architects – it threatens to take measures after the term of office

From now on, “classical and traditional architecture” should be promoted. These include Roman, Greek, Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles. A “Council for the Improvement of the Federal Citizens’ Architecture” is to support the implementation of the decree. The regulation of the President could do that Cityscape change significantly.

A reaction from the AIA Chamber of Architects followed promptly. She contradicted that President “Unmistakable”. “Societies should have the right and the responsibility to decide for themselves which architecture best suits their needs,” says AIA boss Robert Ivy. “We will work with President-elect Biden to reverse this regulation,” it said. The AEOI was happy, however, that the regulation would have less far-reaching consequences than initially expected.

President Trump Before he took office, he himself had buildings built in modern glass and steel architecture. His empire includes the “Trump Tower” in New York, as well as numerous hotels in Chicago, Las Vegas and Vancouver. (chd) * is part of the Ippen digital network.

Headline list image: © Patrick Semansky / AP / dpa

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