US election: Senators refuse to recognize Biden victory

Eleven Republican US Senators do not want to recognize the Biden election victory next week. Instead, they want to investigate baseless allegations of fraud. That won’t change the result.

Eleven Republican Senators plan to object to the final confirmation of the US presidential election results in Congress next week. The group, led by Ted Cruz, issued a joint statement calling for the results to be examined in several states for unfounded allegations of electoral fraud.

Earlier, Republican Senator Josh Hawley and several of his party colleagues in the House of Representatives had announced that they would object to the certification of the results of the electorate.

Confirmation is usually a purely formal act

For this certification – usually a mere formal act – both houses of the congress will meet on Wednesday. They count the votes from the individual states and officially announce the result.

The Republican objection will not change the fact that President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20th. But it is the most comprehensive attempt to overturn an election result in the USA since the civil war. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has called on the rest of his party colleagues to accept President Donald Trump’s defeat and to confirm the votes of the electorate.

Courts have long since decided

Outgoing President Trump falsely claims that there was massive fraud in the election. Numerous courts, including the Supreme Court, have dismissed complaints from its supporters in recent weeks. Cruz and his associates said Saturday that they would vote against certain electors if Congress did not immediately set up an electoral commission to investigate the fraud allegations. They focus on those states in which Trump has made his baseless fraud allegations.

Biden won the election on November 3rd with 306 out of 232 voters. Trump was the first US president in almost 30 years to run for re-election and lose.

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