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US election: Ex-Trump attorney Sidney Powell distances herself from allegations of election fraud

Right-wing US attorney Sidney Powell has a lot to lose. Dominion Voting Systems is asking her $ 1.3 billion for being defamed by Powell’s claims that the last US presidential election was manipulated to the detriment of ex-President Donald Trump.

As reported by the broadcaster CNN, Powell is now trying to refute the allegations against himself by appealing to common sense. The broadcaster quotes from a court letter that you have only expressed your “opinion”, which you can develop your own conclusions.

The plaintiffs themselves had “dismissed the statements as ‘wild allegations’ and ‘peculiar allegations'”. This shows that “reasonable people” would not recognize Powell’s statements as facts, but merely as allegations that would later have to be examined in court proceedings. Powell has always made her public statements as a Trump attorney, argue her defense lawyers.

Even Trump’s team went too far

Even Trump’s team, which also produced unsubstantiated election fraud allegations, Powell’s failures apparently went too far. It ended the collaboration with Powell back in November.

Powell received immediate criticism for her current arguments in court. Powell’s justification for their behavior was “pathetic”, tweeted the Republican MP from Michigan, Peter Meijer. He had last voted for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Editor’s note: An earlier version said Peter Meijer was a Senator. We have corrected this.

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